Debate Topics Thoughts

Topic 1: Technology in the classroom enhances learning: I believe that technology in the classroom definitely enhances learning. Technology has made things easier to an extent for sure. I find that as years pass we are always finding the new "in" things that we should incorporate into the classroom that will enhance learning. I feel that… Continue reading Debate Topics Thoughts


New Technology Trends

Some of todays technology that we have today is definitely being updated as each year passes. For example, the educational technology trends such as virtual reality, education websites and ways of implementing within Saskatchewan Schools has been popular in the recent year. What I believe as the schools' responsibilities when it comes to preparing young… Continue reading New Technology Trends


Continuing To Build a Professional Online Identity

This past week I've been reflecting on my own professional online identity. Looking at my social media accounts I find that most of the things that I share public or are visible to others include informational posts, posts related to my previous job as a youth mentor, positive quotes, and some funny ones. The message… Continue reading Continuing To Build a Professional Online Identity

ECCU400, EDTC400

Hello 2020!

My name is Thunderbird Bowering, currently I'm in my third year of the elementary education program prek-5. Some things that I hope to get out of the EDTC400 class include building a professional learning network, meeting new people, and learning some new tools and tips about technology that I could also implement into my future… Continue reading Hello 2020!