Debate Topics Thoughts

Topic 1: Technology in the classroom enhances learning: I believe that technology in the classroom definitely enhances learning. Technology has made things easier to an extent for sure. I find that as years pass we are always finding the new “in” things that we should incorporate into the classroom that will enhance learning. I feel that with technology it will definitely be something that we need to incorporate as there are always new resources and collaborations within technology that students can benefit from. Some areas of enhancing I can name are mathematics, English, and health areas. I find that with updated apps we will always have something to lean on if needed.

Topic 2: Social media is ruining childhood I believe that social media is a touchy subject for sure. At first I thought to myself, well.. to ruin childhood would be pretty extreme. Maybe its putting a different definition on what childhood is for sure. I noticed a lot of online video gaming and social interaction through that way. With social media I find that its tricky because if you’re not old enough to understand the digital literacy and what citizenship and responsibility mean, children may struggle with maintaining social media profiles.

Topic 3: Schools should not focus on teaching things that can be Googled I believe that Google definitely holds a lot of information. I find that sometimes even when I’m in doubt I use search engines like Google. One of the cool things about using search engines in your classroom is that you can adapt and modify things that you wouldn’t like to see being searched. I find that Google will definitely enhance learning in the classroom and should definitely be a focus to utilizing in the classrooms.

Topic 4: Cell phones should be banned in the classroom. I think this debate was a little tricky. Cell phones can be a benefit for sure. Maybe having them used for certain things at certain or designated times. With the younger grades I feel that using the cell phones isn’t necessary. However, with the older grades this may be a bit of a concern for safety, cyber bullying, personal health matters etc. With that said I feel that with the older grades, cell phones should not be banned in the classrooms if they are being used for learning purposes.


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