Continuing To Build a Professional Online Identity

This past week I’ve been reflecting on my own professional online identity. Looking at my social media accounts I find that most of the things that I share public or are visible to others include informational posts, posts related to my previous job as a youth mentor, positive quotes, and some funny ones. The message that I am trying to send is that I am professional, determined to build strong youth, and that not only do I have a big heart but I also have a sense of humour. I have most of my Facebook profile blocked which includes pictures and friends, I have a Twitter account which is used for teaching resources purposes only. It’s also used to build my professional learning network. Not much can be viewed by my students or parents. Some steps that I would like to work on is building an online identity separate from my personal life accounts. For example, not having my close family members on the same accounts as my instructors or professors.

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