ECCU400, EDTC400

Hello 2020!

My name is Thunderbird Bowering, currently I’m in my third year of the elementary education program prek-5.

Some things that I hope to get out of the EDTC400 class include building a professional learning network, meeting new people, and learning some new tools and tips about technology that I could also implement into my future classroom. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am tech savvy but I do know a few things. I wanted to take this class because I found the 300 class really improved my technology skills.

I recently started a class ECCU400 Treaties in the Classroom as well. I find that this class has already taught me a lot about my culture and identity just within the couple of days. It was nice to see a few familiar classmates, I wasn’t so shy or nervous after seeing them.

With 4 classes, a newborn and 3 older children I know I will definitely have to manage my time wisely! With that being said, I hope everyone has a great semester!!

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